This week I had my first encounter with the difficulties of tree preservation in South Boston. It began last Friday when I was contacted by a resident concerned about a tree removal on East 4th Street. The tree in question was not diseased or in any way unhealthy, it was, however, in the way of a proposed development project.


With the tree hearing already a few days past, I organized a petition and encouraged residents to contact the parks and recreation department to voice their opposition.


Less than 72 hours into the start of our opposition effort, the tree was felled. I hope the haste with which the tree was felled was not as a result of  growing opposition but a decision made to benefit the greater welfare and environment of the surrounding community.


Though an unfortunate event, I hope this is can be used as an opportunity to strengthen community ties to green space issues as well as be a launching point for dialogue with the city of boston on tree removal policy.


If you are interested in learning more I encourage you to attend the next Planet Southie meeting where we will be discussing green space issues and more on August 22nd from 6:30-7:30pm at The Distillery, 516 E 2nd Street, South Boston. You can find out more at Planet Southie’s website here.


Your Southie Trees Program Coordinator,

Devon Grodkiewicz



One Response to Tree Thoughts: Part III

  1. Greening Boston must engage all city agencies. Greenovate Boston just launched an adopt-a-tree program. If this tree had been adopted, would the adoptive parent have been notified that it was to be cut down?

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